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Social Listening & Reporting / Sprout Social

While traditional social monitoring tells you what, listening tells you why. Listening is a practice that involves tracking why and how people are talking about your brand, campaign, or specific area of interest which can shape future campaigns, inform content strategies, and help you respond to trending conversations more rapidly. 


Social Listening, Sprout Social, Social Media Strategy, Boolean Logic, Content Creation, Research, Analysis, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Knowledge Management, Website Strategy



2021 - Present

Using Sprout Social's Listening Tool, I established a social listening system allowing World Vision to identify & join trending social conversations on global topics related to children, such as: domestic violence, child marriage, child labour, access to education, children in conflict, trafficking & sexual abuse, and more.

What began as the social listening 'pilot project' quickly turned into a valuable source of real-time insights on developing issues and crises worldwide, which is why this project has been extended and is currently being scaled across the organization.

Process + Impact

It's starts with building a listening query to collect relevant data. Includes detailed analysis of quantitative & qualitative data. Ends with actionable insights and improved KPIs.

World Vision's average engagement rate on Twitter has increased by 1.3% overall and 3.3% when specifically engaging with influencers. Thanks to listening, we organically identified 10 potential influencers for future campaigns & were able to respond to trends more rapidly than ever before.

01 Listening

I established listening queries for World Vision's campaigns, risk areas, and key interests on Sprout Social's Listening Tool. These listening topics are used on a regular basis to monitor trending conversations on global issues as well as in quickly developing emergencies.

02 Reporting

Considering the sensitive conversations we were listening to (e.g. violence against children, conflict, etc), I created custom listening reports that provided quantitative and qualitative data analysis and offered content strategy and messaging guidelines.

03 Creating

Based on listening insights, I created written and visual social media content: educational Instagram carousels, infographic threads for Twitter, and other media types to use across platforms. These assets were translated and used in multiple country offices.

Based on best practise learned from social listening, I created the following Instagram carousels which were translated and used across the globe & performed on average 0.9% higher than World Vision's baseline:

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