Hi there, welcome!

I'm Kelsey — a digital strategist, designer, and storyteller.

I grew up in the heart of Europe (może Ty też jesteś z Polski?) but Seattle has been home for the last few years. While I get excited about spending a whole afternoon in a coffee shop, spontaneous scenic drives, and snacks from Trader Joe's... I live for the simple moments shared with my husband, family and friends.

I love giving back and investing in my community which is why I consider it an honor to sit on the board of the Marysville Community Food Bank and volunteer in my free time. My hope is that my work contributes to something greater than myself. Whether it's amplifying stories that need to be heard, designing resources that equip others to grow, or by creating engaging ways for people to connect on a deeper level.

After earning B.A. in Public Relations in 2019, I transitioned to working with nonprofits and small businesses full-time as a freelancer. I'm thankful to love my job and the businesses I work with! Instead of simply adding to the constant buzz of digital media, I aim to cultivate experiences that simplify processes, communicate purpose and impact, and ultimately — bring people together through mutually beneficial relationships.

That's a little about me. I'd love to meet you!



I have 5+ years of experience working with nonprofits: from my local food bank to international humanitarian organizations.

From content creation, web design & management, social media strategy to email marketing... my goal is cultivate strategic and meaningful connections between organizations and their donors, supporters,  and  beneficiaries. Read more below:


A communications strategy should never be an after thought. Nonprofits continue to make this world a better place thanks to the generosity of donors, grants, and loyal supporters—they deserve to be kept in the loop!


It's common to have to wear multiple hats when working for a nonprofit or small business. I love how versitle my projects are under the wide umbrella of creative communications. Let's do some problem solving together!

Light and Shadow


Communicating impact is a must. Let me help you communicate the impact of your work to build credibility and trust with your audiences.


Similar to the previous point, I undertand how demanding it can be to manage tasks for various roles at once! Help me help you—let me know what communications or design tasks you're ready to outsource.


Nonprofits and small businesses deserve the opportunity to create and publish high converting & beautiful content. Smaller budgets shouldn't limit the capacity to meet the ever growing digital media standards.

Concrete Wall


My best work happens when I'm able to champion a cause and partner with an organisation I truly believe in. Less mass creation of digital media, more intentional strategies that drive long-term results!

A natural team player and self-starter, Kelsey has consistently solved problems and risen to challenges beyond her experience. Having worked with Kelsey on developing social media strategies and content, it's clear she has a flare for creative design, and a passion for engaging the hearts and minds of her peers.