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ENOUGH Campaign Website

World Vision wanted to create a dedicated section of their website for the launch of their new global campaign to end child hunger and malnutrition: ENOUGH.


On World Food Day 2023, we launched the 4-page ENOUGH site in English, Spanish and French. This included a custom welcome video from Young Leaders, multiple FAQ sections with educational content about child hunger and malnutrition, a global petition for change, as well as four immersive digital stories showcasing how hunger impacts children across the world.

All content is the intellectual property of World Vision International.


Web Design, Copywriting, Content Creation, SEO, Storytelling





Digital Storytelling

I did all the copywriting and design for four digital immersive stories highlighted on the campaign landing page. Each story highlights a different child's experience as they navigate the realities of hunger and malnutrition. The stories are meant to educate and build empathy by amplifying children's voices, backing their stories with current need statistics, and how World Vision's work empowers children and families.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at

Project Gallery

Interactive Welcome Video from Young Leaders

To highlight World Vision's commitment to listening to and amplifying children's voices, we wanted children to be the first to speak on the campaign landing page.

This video invites website visitors to choose a language and hear an invite to join the movement from a Young Leader directly in their own language.


Can world hunger be solved with money? What are the main drivers of hunger and malnutrition? Can malnutrition be reversed?

To increase SEO and position World Vision as an expert in the field, I sourced the top searched questions related to child hunger and malnutrition and worked with World Vision technical experts to create FAQ sections across the site.

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